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+49 4532 267358       info@ergson.com         de | en

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ERGSON GmbH designs and manufactures full range of electronic weighing components for standard and special custom applications.

Our engineering group with more than 30 years experience realizes system solutions and projects with complete component deliveries, spare parts and engineering documentation.

ERGSON GmbH offers Load cells, transmitters, indicators, controllers for Static and Dynamic weighing applications like platform scales, truck scales, batch scales, in-flow scales, bulk material  input and output scales.

Stainless Steel housing, options of LED, LCD, VFD, graphic TFT displays, buttons, touch keyboard screens, input & output units are a great variety of selection. Software packages from firmware of controllers to scada applications and communication interfaces are Ergson's own development. 

The innovative and high quality product range of our own manufacturing and cooperation with international partners focused to the project solutions enables us to be a full solution provider.

ORCA700s is a digital weight indicator which can  be used in a very diversified set of weighing applications owing to its technological design  which  is appropriate to international standards.

• Stainless  steel construction
• User-friendly, easily understandable menu structure
• Full digital calibration (load calibration, linearization correction, self calibration, gravity correction)
• Auto zero, manual zero, initial zero setting
• Digital filter, sudden load filter, ADC conversion speed, load cell gain rate selection
• Standstill range and standstill waiting time and Tare
• Free programmable optoisolated  8 inputs / 8 outputs
• Communication parameters (port selection, baud rate, transmit type)
• Printer parameters (ticket design, printing l anguage)
• Tare, zero and printing through serial port or external buttons.
• Date /  Time
• Calibration and parameters memory, factory defaults memory
• 105.000 weighing  records   (each record includes serial no, gross and tare)
• Auto ticket number memory
• Reporting: Detailed weighing records
• 6 digits LED display
• Zero, standstill,  tare,  net,  piece, lb and kg signals
• Displaying x10 , 0.8µV/e
• Displaying internal counts, calibration value
• Alibi Memory (2Mb) including 105.000 records
• 2 RS 232 port, 1 RS485 port (full duplex selectable)
• 0-10V , 0-20 mA , 4-20mA analog output
• Directive: 2014/31/EU , Notified Body: 0199 Delta Danish Electronics
• ADC Non-Linearity 0.0007 % FSD
• Approved Resolution (n) : 10000
divisions for Class III , Single Interval, Multi Range, Multi Interval
• Display Resolution : 50,000 divisions (Non-Approved)
• Software controlled calibration which is kept in non -volatile memory
• A/D Type 24 bit Delta-sigma, (16,000,000 internal counts)
• A/D Conversion Speed Maximum of 3200 samples per second
• Load Cell Connection 4 or 6 wires. 8 pieces 350 ohm load cells.
• Excitation Voltage 5V DC
• Signal Range 0.1 mV/V -  3mV/V
• Filter Adjustable between 6.25 - 100 Hz
• Tare Subtractive (-Max)
• Zero 20% of Max
• Divisions 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500

•  all-in one device: easily adaptable for multi weighing applications via ready package solutions.

•  modular built hardware, i/o , isolated analogue outputs

•  european type approval

•  simple menu structure

•  bright VFD display

•  fast and ultra high accurate 24 bit adc with conversions up to 3840 sps

•  8 load cells

•  stainless steel housing for multiple mounting. table top, wall mount, panel mount.

•  isolated power supply for ADC, MCU and communication interfaces for rough industrial applications

•  site level full process control features

•  menu controlled i/o

•  application based software

•  pc software config and control

•  connectivity to all standard industrial networks

•  LAN, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, ethernet, USB


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