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An estimated one-third of all harvested grain goes to waste. This is predominantly due to difficulties during storage. After the harvest, the grain continues to be in the ripening process. Moisture and thermal energy is released. This encourages the growth of mold fungus and insects.

Our Grain Management System enables you to have total automated control of your storage. This is essential to introduce preventive procedures. Our program informs you via computer, tablet or smartphone with alarms and controls at the right time to protect your grain. From  grain  temperature and humidity information to inventory management, we’ve got you covered.

Make grain storage more efficient and keep the quality of the grain. Improve the reliability of the silo plant operation by our intelligent prediction and protection technologies. The servicing costs can be highly reduced  by increasing the safety and keeping the quality of grain by the predictive intelligence of the components exactly suited to the application field.


The Art of Keeping Your Grain Cool

Monitoring systems - Measurement technology and electronic solutions

Temperature Control
Monitor your storage temperature to maintain the quality of your goods. Our system measures temperatures precisely and allows you to preserve your grain in a healthy and cool condition.
Humidity Control
Humidity cables are used to measure the moisture in the storage in order to help grains remain dry and healthy.
Level Measurement
Allows you to have precise control over the content and filling level of every individual silo and the complete silo plant in real time.
Our GrainManager software shows you the status of your silo with all the data you need. It runs on your computer, tablet and phone and informs you via alarms. You can manage and control your whole silo plant with this software.
Save Energy
Our intelligent system controls the aeration and fans automatically to operate just when it is necessary. This saves energy for you and helps the environment.
Installation & Maintenance
Our system is installed and maintained by our professional service team at your site.

Automated Control

PLC Unit

Fans, ventilators, dryers, charging and discharging of silo bins can become fully automated processes on your site.

When the system is installed at your site it is adapted to your needs and standards. You can adjust the settings of your automated control system anytime.
The PLC has both, analogue and digital inputs for your convenience.
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Process control

Data monitoring
Fans and coolers
Conveyor system and material flow
Analogue and digital inputs

Temperature cables consist of temperature sensors (sensor cable) and protection tubes.

The digital temperature sensors are mounted on a two wire cable which is inserted in an internal protection tube. This makes the sensor cable easily retractable.

These fully isolated sensor cables are protected by a robust outer protection tube. The protection tube will be built to various lengths to match the height of the silo and mounted in the silo. They may be installed on the roof or under the roof.

The high-accuracy digital sensors along the cables are individually checked for their temperature measurements. The spacing between sensors  may be a standard distance  or customized to match the installation.
The cable contains sensors which measure relative humidity and temperature of the grain at specified points of the silo.

The temperature and humidity sensors can also be located outdoors or at the fans and vents within the grain silo to measure ambient conditions.

The sensor cable installed with temperature and humidity sensors communicates on a serial network with two wires. This simplifies the installation of the humidity  sensors and the combination with the temperature sensors in the storage bins.

•  Industry-leading  long-term  stability  (1.2%  RH  over  five years):  Minimizes  drift  over time, helping to maximize grain drying performance

•  Combined humidity and temperature sensor in one package allows the grain manager to collect data from one sensor

•  Optimization of humidity and temperature range

•  Accuracy: ±1.7% RH accuracy (humidity performance) and ±0.3°C accuracy (temperature performance)

•  Hydrophobic filter: Protects the sensor against contamination due to dust or excessive moisture

The temperature and humidity cables are used to measure the moisture and temperature inside the grain silos in order  to  help  grains  remain  dry  and healthy.

The temperature and humidity cables that are suspended  from  the  top of the silo are distributed within the grain bulk.

The  ERG  T9  is  a  strong  remote  terminal unit (RTU) operating as an interface converter to digital sensors and other analog or digital  signals.

It can be connected  to standard LAN systems via Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Ethernet.

I2C, SPI, rs232, rs485, USB, ethernet and wireless interfaces make it a unique equipment ideal as a signal converter between site sensors and PC SCADA systems.

RTU is designed for  use  with  various  industrial  digital  or analog temperature and humidity sensors.

•  Wide power supply range (10 VDC - 30 VDC)

•  Complete standalone equipment at site protection level with integrated alarms and control outputs

•  Easy integration to PC or handheld terminals,  and  readout  of  all  measured data through interface outputs I2C, SPI, serial bus, ethernet, USB

•  Communication with master station for SCADA  applications

•  Easy maintenance through test led signs on board

•  Easy integration to custom application fields through  configuration  software tools

•  Fully  isolated  interfaces  in  order  to avoid earth loops

•  Free  programmable,  remote  and  easy update of latest firmware
General Features:
•  Reads temperature and moisture
•  Graphical display
•  Data logging capability
•  PC connector (USB)
•  Backlit screen for viewing in dark   conditions
•  Battery operation
•  Measuerements from long distances
•  MMC/SD Card for data

•  Grain temperature spear
•  Silo temperature measurements
•  Grain piles temperature measurements

•  Multipoint measurement (hundreds of sensors)
•  Multi spear measurement (spears connected to each other)
•  Measurements from long distances
•  Data logging
•  Serial communication
•  Outdoor wall mounted panel

• Automated control, visualisation and interface units all in one weather proof box

•  Power Supply or battery

•  Remote terminal unit

•  Interface units

•  TFT/LCD graphic touch screen display

•  Computer board with quad core arm-cortex processor

•  Input/Output unit for site control equipment

•  Protection class IP66

•  WLAN, bluetooth, USB, ethernet LAN

•  Easy installation on the wall of the silo

• Compact solution with all features of Grain Manager Software like visualization, supervision, data storage, trend graphs, historical data and control

•  An essential part of a stand-alone silo or group of silos
for fast data collection

Supervise your grain storage at any time from anywhere!

Our Grain Management Software shows you the situation inside of your silo at any time and will inform you with the grain temperatures.

The software runs on tablet, smartphone or on your computer.

The temperature and humidity data are read, processed, saved and displayed. The specified data will be transferred to other control devices to enable a cool and safe grain storage. 

Software functions:

•  Reading the temperature data from the RTUs

•  Visualizing current temperatures

•  Data analysis for each sensor: Minimum/maximum/trend/average for time intervals, day, week, or other.

•  Alarms for each sensor (multiple types of alarms; on the plain value or a breach of a trend in a certain time interval)

•  Automatic fan control

•  Alarm journal,showing all past alarms

•  Database for historical data

•  Reports

•  Charts of current and all historical data

•  Indication of sensors covered in grain

•  Outside Humidty/ Temperature

•  Automatic material levels in bins

•  Print/export  of  all  the  current  data/temperatures

•  Modbus and RTU status visualization

•  Multiple languages
Additional custom options:

•  Webserver  module/connectivity  for  online server
•  API for custom solutions
•  Custom views of a bin (3D, table, multiple bins on one page, etc.)
•  Custom printouts
•  Custom bin overview
•  Wireless connectivty
•  Inventory  management  (customer/material/notes per bin)
•  Run GrainManager without a monitor in a headless mode without visualisation for GrainManagerWeb or a wireless solution
•  Fan control
•  Input/output data from weighers/scales for level controls and visualisation
GrainManagerWeb can access the data of GrainManager from everywhere via internet.

The data is presented in a standard internet browser (mozilla, chrome, etc.) at the front-end. In the back-end there is a central web server which collects the data from one or multiple silo sites.

The server is provided and managed by Ergson  (customer  provided infrastructure/server also possible).
The  GrainManagerWeb  Software  offers the
following functions:

•  Visualizing/displaying  data  for  each sensor (front-end)
•  Temperature + date and time of sample
•  Minimum (for day and week, or custom time frame)
•  Maximum (for day and week, or custom time frame)
•  Trend  (for  day  and  week,  or  custom time frame)
•  Average (for day and week, or custom time frame)
•  Alarms
•  Covered area, product levels Visualizing/displaying  data  for  each  silo/cable (front end):
•  Filling
•  Material
•  Customer
•  Covered sensors

•  Set/add/change  alarms/fillings/customers/materials  (optional  /  read-only  mode possible)
•  Receive data in regular intervals (e.g. hourly) from GrainManager
•  Persist/save only current (lastest received data on server) in case GrainManagerDesktop goes offline or is unreachable
•  Request fresh data from GrainManagerDesktop  (front-end/browser,  back-end/server, GrainManagerDesktop/Base)
•  Request historical data from GrainManager for charts, report, alarmjournal (front-end/browser,  back-end/server,  GrainManagerDesktop/Base)
•  Current RTU/modbus status
•  Multiple  users  with login/username/password/permissions
•  Multilanguage
A full range of accessories are available in order to enable the service technicians and engineers to easily handle the assembly of the complete system at site.

•  Special cables

•  Special housings & junction boxes

•  Connectors

•  Roof type cable head

•  Hanger type cable head

•  Roof brackets

•  Flanges


RTU Remote Terminal Unit
RTU Remote Terminal Unit
RTU collects data from the storage and delivers the data to computers, handheld or internet cloud systems
Protection Tube
Protection Tube
Sensor Line Extension Cable
Sensor Line Extension Cable
Sensor Cable Head
Sensor Cable Head
Sensor Cable
Sensor Cable
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