+49 4532 267358       info@ergson.com         de | en
+49 4532 267358       info@ergson.com         de | en
Industrial Signal Measurement Solutions
Force . Load . Temperature . Moisture . Electronic Units . Communication . SCADA

Sensor Technologies and instrumentation for force, load, temperature and moisture measurements is our passion.

We specialize in industrial electronics, instrumentation, automated process control and integrated SCADA software solutions in electronic weighing, grain management and customized project solutions.

Our strong focus on engineering, research and development leads us to create competitive and unique products. 

Ergson GmbH is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in industrial automation and embedded solutions, for over 18 years with high quality assurance. We are a privately held, family-owned company with headquarters in Ammersbek - near Hamburg -, Germany.

We are committed to the development of precision instrumentation and electronic controls in high-tech design with a perfect balance between technology and application know-how and a personal touch.
The business solutions and services provide technological intelligence and human expertise.

Our products and services are offered for an extensive range of measurement applications  in many industries like food, chemicals, concrete, power plants, iron and steel. Product range covers sensors, transducers, amplifiers, indicators and data acquisition systems as well as software for tests, analysis and applications in electronic weighing, machine health management and grain storage management.

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