Embedded Systems

Industrial Solutions - Measure, Monitor and Control

Ergson Industrial Electronics for Process Automation

The automation of industrial processes to sense, measure, monitor and control operations for maximum efficiency is our area of expertise. The optimization of industrial operations leads our customers to reach their highest performance. Quality, productivity, machine health and sustainability are achieved through the application of Ergson industrial electronics for manufacturing process control systems. 

Ergson researches, develops and designs embedded solutions from the product idea to the endproduct with complete documentation.

This includes:

Engineering, electronics, microscope, research, circuit board

Design. Layout. Build. Software. Documentation.

Ergson Industrial Electronics

Custom made development and design services offer our customers to reach their own high Quality. We offer our products with fast delivery times.

ERGSON E7S PLC is an I/O Interface Unit for use in automation, control and monitoring systems. 

This customizable weighing module is a signal measurement device which can be easily integrated into a large variety of industrial process control applications.