Grain Bin Monitoring Systems

AUTOMATED Grain storage

Electronic Grain Bin Monitoring Systems for Automated Supervision and Control

Ergson Grain Management System is a metrological and electronic grain bin monitoring system that collects information of the stored grain to protect the grain quality during storage.

Our grain bin monitoring equipment measures physical parameters that provie valuable information about the grain storage conditions. Temperature, moisture, CO2, fill level, forces and ambient conditions are measured. Ergson’s monitoring system combines expertise in sensor technology, electronic design, software and automated grain storage management. 

From a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can easily monitor and control your grain bin at any time, from anywhere. Our Grain Manager Software informs the user of any risks well in advance via alarms and notifications. Preventive measures such as cooling, drying, aerating or mixing can be initiated at the right time. In this way, the grain can be stored in the silo for a long period of time without any quality losses.

Make your grain storage as efficient as possible. Improve the reliability of your silo plant’s operations with Ergson’s best grain bin monitoring systems.

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Sensor Measurements

Grain Bin Monitoring Equipment

Grain Bin Temperature Monitoring

Grain bin temperature monitoring is particularly important because grain has a low thermal conductivity. Heat spreads slowly to the surrounding grains and is often recognized too late. We offer a multi-point temperature monitoring system with sensors spread evenly throughout the storage bin for early heat detection.

Grain Bin Moisture Monitoring

Maintaining a certain moisture level during grain storage is important to prevent rotting or fungal growth. With our sensor cable solution, moisture can be monitored throughout the entire bin.

Grain Bin Level Monitoring

Silo inventory management monitors the capacities of the grain bins and to determine the topography of the bulk. This ensures evenly distributed grain in the silo to achieve effective ventilation and cooling processes. Our level monitoring solutions include electronic weighing, force measurement and software recognition, depending on the required accuracy and application area.

Grain Bin CO2 Monitoring

The CO2 content is an indicator for possible quality losses of the grain. Spoiled grain produces more carbon dioxide compared to healthy grain. The CO2 sensor is installed on the roof inside the silo. This ensures the earliest possible warning of undesirable biological activity.

Fan Control

Heat and moisture in the grain silo can be dissipated by ventilation systems. With our GrainManager software, you can conveniently control your fans remotely. Or you can also operate your fans fully automatically with our our automated grain-handling solution. The operating time of the fans is controlled and the energy expenditure is reduced.

Weather Station

For data analysis purposes, the ambient temperature and relative humidity are important as a reference and comparison value. They provide indications of pest-related heat development in the grain. These ambient measurements are collected by a weather station in the immediate vicinity of the grain storage.

Inventory Control

Weight and Force Measurement

Weighing technology plays an important role in the loading and unloading operations of storage facilities. Weighing incoming and outgoing material allows for very precise grain bin level monitoring.

Implementing weighing systems in your grain handling installation is the most accurate inventory management solution available on the market. Ergson weighing solutions can be used for flat, steel, concrete and feeder silos.

When selecting the conveyor technology, we pay special attention to avoiding free fall heights and reducing the conveying volume to protect the grain from mechanical damage.

Our solutions are engineered for low dust generation to counteract grain damage, to visually track the operation of the loading and undloading process easily and to protect people and equipment from the dust exposure.

Grain Bin Monitoring Systems Benefits

The Art of Keeping Your Grain Cool

  • Silo data instantly available

    Data Measurements take place at regular intervals - the data is instantly available and always up to date. Grain rotting can be detected and further damage can be prevented at a very early stage.

  • Easy data management

    Measurement data such as temperature, humidity, fill level, CO2 and ambient conditions are monitored, documented and saved by the software. Thus, all data can be accessed quickly and from one platform only.

  • Grain quality protection through early detection

    Grain is continuously monitored and can be protected before any quality damages occur. The GrainManager measures, controls, predicts and informs the user. Preventive measures such as cooling, drying, aeration, or mixing can thus be initiated at the right time.

best grain bin monitoring systems by ergson
  • Energy savings

    Our intelligent grain management system controls the ventilation systems on your silo automatically. The fans only run until certain temperature and humidity values are reached. This saves energy and protects the environment.

  • Higher selling price

    By protecting and maintaining the health of the grain through intelligent grain monitoring, losses of goods due to unnoticed rotting can be prevented. The grain is stored in an ideal condition in excellent quality and can therefore be sold at a high selling price. These benefits exceed the purchase and running costs of the monitoring system many times over.

  • Safety

    By increasing plant safety, the maintenance requirements can be significantly reduced. The measurements are fully automated and protect the silo operator from accidents inside the silo.