Wall-Mounted Panel

Grain Management Wall-Mounted Panel

Compact Monitoring Solution - All In One - On The Wall

Ergson All In One – On The Wall is a compact monitoring solution with all features of the GrainManager Software like visualization, supervision, data storage, trend graphs, historical data and control.

It is an essential part of a stand-alone silo or group of silos for fast data collection.

grainmanager wall mounted panel ergson monitoring system

Temperature Monitoring

Moisture Monitoring

General Features:

  • Outdoor wall mounted panel
  • Automated control, visualisation and interface units all in one weather proof box
  • Power supply or battery
  • Remote terminal unit (RTU)
  • Interface units
  • TFT/LCD graphic touch screen display
  • Computer board with quad core arm-cortex processor
  • Input/Output unit for site control equipment
  • Protection class IP66
  • WLAN, bluetooth, USB, ethernet LAN
  • Easy installation on the wall of the grain silo
steel silo monitoring ergson