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Remote Terminal Unit - ERG T9

Electronic Grain Bin Monitoring Equipment - Signal Converter

The  ERG  T9  is  a  strong  Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) operating as an interface converter to digital sensors and other analog or digital signals. It is a unique electronic grain bin monitoring equipment ideal as a signal converter between site sensors and PC. ERG T9 is an electronic component of our Ergson Grain Management System.

Product Details:

The RTU ERG T9 can be connected  to standard LAN systems via Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Ethernet. I2C, SPI, rs232, rs485, USB, ethernet and wireless interfaces make it a unique equipment ideal as a signal converter between site sensors and PC SCADA systems.

RTU is designed for use with various industrial digital or analog temperature and humidity sensors.

  • Wide power supply range (10 VDC – 30 VDC)
  • Complete standalone equipment at site protection level with integrated alarms and control outputs
  • Easy integration to PC or handheld terminals, and readout of all measured data through interface outputs I2C, SPI, serial bus, ethernet, USB
  • Communication with master station for SCADA  applications
  • Easy maintenance through test led signs on board
  • Easy integration to custom application fields through configuration software tools
  • Fully isolated interfaces in order to avoid earth loops
  • Programmable, remote and easy update of latest firmware
Datasheet Download:

PDF Icon Ergson RTU ERG T9 Datasheet

automated grain handling
Electronic grain bin monitoring equipment

I/O Interface Unit

Automated Grain Handling and Grain Bin Fan Control

We optimize the process flow of the silo plant with our advanced technologies for automated grain handling. The input and output interface unit provides a logical link between the peripheral devices. Inputs and outputs are controlled.

Fans, dryers, coolers, conveyors, switches, scales, loading and unloading processes can be logically linked and controlled from one device. Automated grain bin fan control in combination with a temperature monitoring system offers great advantages. The fans are powered just as long as they are needed. This saves energy and protects the environment.

Processes in the storage system are automatically controlled and the grain is continuously monitored via our GrainManager Software on a local desktop computer or remotely with our GrainManager Web or mobile GrainManager App. This ensures a high safety standard and quality preservation of the grain.

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Datasheet Download:

PDF Icon Ergson I/O E7S Datasheet

Programmable Logic Controller Ergson E7S for grain bin fan control