Weighing Electronics

Weight Transmitters, Indicators and Controllers for Industrial Applications

Ergson Static and Dynamic Weighing Electronics

Ergson’s electronics are implemented in industrial process applications worldwide. We offer weight transmitters, indicators and controllers for both static and dynamic weighing applications since 1999. Our powerful electronics can be used for:

  • Batch scales
  • Flow scales
  • Truck scales
  • Shipping and receiving scales – bulk weighing
  • Check Scales
  • Circuit Scales
  • Hopper Scales
  • Automated grain handling integrated with temperature management for grain silos

Stainless Steel housing, options of LED, LCD, VFD, graphic TFT displays, buttons, touch keyboard screens, input & output units are a great variety of selection.

Our signal measurement solutions are adaptable to customer specific requirements.

High accuracy signal measurement
Universally applicable
Reliable industrial process control

ORCA700 is a digital weight indicator which can be used in a very diversified set of scales owing to its technological design  which is appropriate to international standards.

ORCA 700s is a all-in one device: easily adaptable for multi scales via ready packaged solutions.