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Grain Bin Sensor Cables

Ergson Temperature and Moisture Sensor Cables are designed for accurate and reliable measurements.

In order to maintain the grain quality during storage, the conditions inside the grain bin must be kept ideal. Prediction systems which are designed with electronic and mechanical devices, help to keep the grain quality high during storage in grain bins. Spoilage, breaking and shrinking of grains can be avoided.

Ergson temperature and moisture monitoring system consists of sensor cables and electrical devices that measure the storage conditions in the grain bin. The temperature and moisture sensor cables are suspended from the roof top and are evenly distributed in the storage. The cable solution enables the measurement of temperature and moisture values at different heights of the stored grain bulk.

The high accuracy sensors are spaced evenly along the cable. The distance between the sensors may be standard distance or customized to match your installation. The sensors are protected by an outer protective tube. They are built in different lengths in order to adapt them to the respective silo height. The sensors are individually polled for their data. 

grain bin sensor cables

Temperature Sensor Cable

Grain Bin Temperature Monitoring System

Monitoring the temperature inside grain bins is an important control measure in Grain Management.

We offer a multi-point temperature monitoring system with sensors spread evenly throughout the storage bin for early heat detection. Temperature sensor cables consist of temperature sensors (sensor cable) and a protection tube.

The digital temperature sensors are mounted on a two wire cable which is inserted in an internal protection tube. This makes the sensor cable easily retractable.

The protection tube will be built to various lengths to match the height of the silo and mounted in the silo. They may be installed on the roof or under the roof.

The high-accuracy digital sensors along the cables are individually checked for their temperature measurements. The spacing between sensors may be a standard distance or customized to match the installation.

temperature sensor cable and protection tube

Temperature and Moisture Sensor Cable

Temperature and Moisture Monitoring System

Maintaining a certain grain moisture content during storage is important to prevent rotting or fungal growth. The sensor cables are used to measure moisture and temperature inside the grain bin in order to help grains remain dry and healthy. Preventive moisture-reducing measures such as drying and ventilating can be introduced at the right time.

The cables are suspended from the top of the silo and are distributed within the grain bulk.

The cable contains sensors at specified points and can be adapted according to the customers requirements. The temperature and humidity sensors can also be located outdoors or at the fans and vents within the grain silo to measure ambient conditions.

The grain bin sensor cables, installed with temperature and humidity sensors, communicate on a serial network with two wires. This simplifies the installation of the humidity sensors and the combination with the temperature sensors in the storage bins.

  • Industry-leading  long-term stability (1.2%  RH  over  five years): Minimizes  drift over time, helping to maximize grain drying performance
  • Combined humidity and temperature sensor in one package allows the grain manager to collect data from one sensor
  • Optimization of humidity and temperature range
  • Accuracy: ±1.7% RH accuracy (humidity performance) and ±0.3°C accuracy (temperature performance)
  • Hydrophobic filter: Protects the sensor against contamination due to dust or excessive moisture
moisture sensor cable


Backets, Flanges, Cable Heads

A full range of accessories are available in order to enable the service technicians and engineers to easily handle the assembly of the complete system at site. This equipment is part of the Grain Management Systen.

•  Special cables
•  Special housings & junction boxes
•  Connectors
•  Roof type cable head
•  Hanger type cable head
•  Roof brackets
•  Flanges

temperature and moisture monitoring system equipment