GrainManager Handheld Pro

GrainManager Handheld Pro

Reliable and Powerful Monitoring of Your Grain Silo

The GrainManager Handheld Pro System enables real time monitoring and control of moisture and temperature of your grain silos.

Bring management to your fingertips with new defined grain quality technologies. 

Datasheet Download:

PDF Icon GrainManager Handheld Pro Datasheet


grainmanager handheld ergson monitoring system

Temperature Monitoring

Moisture Monitoring

General Features:

  • Reads temperature and humidity
  • Graphical display
  • Data logging capability
  • PC connector (USB)
  • Backlit screen for viewing in dark conditions
  • Battery operation
  • Measuerements from long distances
  • MMC/SD Card for data


  • Grain temperature spear
  • Silo temperature measurements
  • Grain piles temperature measurements


  • Multipoint measurement (hundreds of sensors)
  • Multi spear measurement (spears connected to each other)
  • Measurements from long distances
  • Data logging
  • Serial Communication