GrainManager Desktop

Grain Management Software

Full and Professional Control of Your Entire Facility.

The Ergson GrainManager Desktop monitoring system is designed to give you comprehensive and total control of the entire grain bin installation. It contains all the functions you need for professional and high-level protection of your grain during storage. 

Our Grain Management software shows you the current storage situation inside your grain bin and informs you immediately about any unusual readings. The powerful software is well structured with a clear user-interface design so that you have full control and quick access to your data.

Grain Management Software Monitoring Solution

The measurement data is retrieved, processed, stored and displayed. GrainManager Desktop Software is an important part of the complete Grain Management System. The specified data can be transmitted to other control units to enable fully automated, high-tech grain storage.

For reliable monitoring also from outside the silo plant we offer our software solution also as app and web versions.

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Software Functions:

  • Reading sensor data from RTUs
  • Visualization sensor data
  • Data analysis for each sensor: Minimum/maximum/trend/average for defined intervals (day, week, or other)
  • Alarms for each sensor (multiple types of alarms; on the plain value or a breach of a trend in a certain time interval)
  • Automatic fan control
  • Alarm journal – showing all past alarms
  • Database for historical data
  • Reports
  • Charts of current and all historical data
  • Indication of sensors covered in grain
  • Outside humidity and temperature
  • Print/export of all current data
  • Multiple languages

Additional GrainManager Desktop Custom Options:

  • Webserver  module/connectivity  for  online server
  • API for custom solutions
  • Custom views of a bin (3D, table, multiple bins on one page, etc.)
  • Custom printouts
  • Custom bin overview
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Inventory  management (customer/material/notes per bin)
  • Run GrainManager without a monitor in a headless mode without visualization for GrainManagerWeb or a wireless solution
  • Fan control
  • Input/output data from weighers/scales for level controls and visualization
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