GrainManager Web

GrainManager Web

High-tech Grain Management of one or Multiple Silo Sites from Your Webbrowser.

With Ergson’s GrainManager Web you can access your silo data from anywhere via the internet.

The data is displayed in any internet browser (Mozilla, Chrome, etc.) at the front-end. In the back-end there is a central web server which collects the data from one or also from multiple silo facilities.

The central server is provided and managed by Ergson (a customer provided infrastructure/server is also possible).

grainmanager web ergson monitoring system

Temperature Monitoring

Moisture Monitoring

Level Monitoring

CO2 Monitoring

Fan Control

Weather Station


Software Functions:

  • Visualizing/displaying  data  for  each sensor (front-end)
  • Temperature + date and time of sample
  • Minimum (for day and week, or custom time frame)
  • Maximum (for day and week, or custom time frame)
  • Trend  (for  day  and  week,  or  custom time frame)
  • Average (for day and week, or custom time frame)
  • Alarms
  • Covered area, product levels
  • Visualizing/displaying  data  for  each  silo/cable (front end):
    • Filling
    • Material
    • Customer
    • Covered sensors
  • Set/add/change  alarms/fillings/customers/materials  (optional / read-only  mode possible)
  • Request historical data from GrainManager for charts, report, alarmjournal (front-end/browser,  back-end/server,  GrainManagerDesktop/Base)
  • Multiple users
  • Multilanguage
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